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LDF Courses

LDF Atelier, located just five minutes from metro Saint-Henri at 257 Rue Saint Ferdinand in Montreal, is a dynamic creative space housed within Atelier 257. Our co-sewing studio is equipped with essential and specialized industrial sewing machines and cutting tables, providing a professional environment for fashion creation. The mezzanine and hall offer ample space for studying, while a dedicated podcast room and kitchenette enhance the comfort and functionality of our studio.

A standout feature of LDF Atelier is our fully equipped venue with high-end projectors and a sound system, accommodating up to 250 people, which can be transformed into a photo studio as needed. Our team, including Milan Tanedjikov, George Fok, Jay Laforest, and Danny Gauthier, brings extensive experience in creative direction, photography, video production, pattern making, sewing, and textile design. They lead courses and provide invaluable support to our mentees and protégés, fostering a vibrant and collaborative creative community.


Join LDF Atelier, a dynamic co-working space dedicated to supporting emerging fashion designers, curators and marketers. Enroll in our comprehensive 1-year fashion design mentoring program, perfect for recent graduates ready to debut their collections professionally. Enhance your skills and knowledge with our advanced courses tailored for aspiring young creatives. 

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