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To achieve this goal, we produce an annual LIGNES DE FUITE print publication illustrating the works of carefully selected young creatives through interviews, recent graduate collection photoshoots, articles which examine controversial topics, and a main fashion editorial.

The interviews are generated through a writing workshop wherein preselected emergent writers are guided through the steps of realizing interviews that accentuate the viewpoint and research creation process of fashion design students. The recent graduate collection photoshoots are gathered through our Calls for Submissions procedure. The articles are a result of a joint effort between young and established creatives with the intention of blending visuals and texts that analyze both historical and contemporary phenomena through the lens of fashion. The main editorial, featuring pieces by emergent designers, recent graduates, and fashion students, are generated through a collaboration between an established photographer and the LIGNES DE FUITE editorial team.

Finally, the publication resulting from this educational project is launched at an annual fundraiser event and then distributed at cultural centers and libraries around the world. To encourage the creatives involved in the process of developing the book, we offer grants for the best recent graduate, fashion student, emergent photographers, and writers at the annual book launch.


LIGNES DE FUITE is an independent, non-profit organization that offers learning experiences such as workshops, short courses, masterclasses, fashion events, and products to finance its efforts. If you are interested, you can book your spot in one or more of our happenings or purchase our products in the supply. We are also open to collaborate with other organizations. If you have a project you would like to realize or simply require more information, please get in touch with us.


LIGNES DE FUITE  IS A TALENT INCUBATOR whose mission is to support Canada’s most promising fashion students and recent graduates by providing them with guidanceresources, and a platform through which they can gain both local and international recognition.

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