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Discover the essence of emerging creatives in our ARCHIVE. From rising features to process interviews, our curated collection of articles, both in print and online, unveils the narratives of young talents through editorials, recaps, reviews, fiction, and declamations.

Stay engaged with creativity through our HAPPENINGS. Register for events we organize or endorse, offering exclusive showcases, pop-ups, workshops, and cultural gatherings. It's your ticket to a dynamic calendar, connecting you to our community.
Purchase unique creations from up-and-coming talents in our SUPPLY marketplace. More than a shopping destination, it's a curated collection of products, from artful decor to wearables, allowing you to support emerging creatives and acquire exceptional pieces that tell a story.
Unleash your potential in our STUDIO. Beyond a booking service, it's a space for continuous learning, recreational courses, and collaborative projects. Schedule meetings, spark ideas, and foster partnerships — a dynamic hub where creativity thrives, and projects come to life. Explore the possibilities and unlock doors to creative collaboration.


​LIGNES DE FUITE  is a Talent Incubator whose mission is to support and promote promising fashion creatives through our ARCHIVEHAPPENINGS, SYPPLY, and STUDIO space.

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