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We would like to thank the following people involved in the making of this publication: 

Editor-In-Chief Milan Tanedjikov for providing young talents the opportunity to develop this unique annual print publication.

Art Director Raphaël Viens for designing the book and for taking his time and effort to both produce and assist in the realization of many of the projects featured.

Fashion Editor Tishanna Carnevale for overseeing the styling direction of the publication.

Editor Giovanni Caci for editing the content and assisting Milan Tanedjikov in the creation of the LIGNES DE FUITE project.

Editor Alexia Georgieva for editing the content and always being reliable and happy to help no matter how insurmountable the task was.

Editor Roxanne Ouellet-Bernier for editing the content and elevating the quality of everyone’s work.

Connory Ballantyne for documenting the Words of Advice interviews and for being there when we needed him.


The project would not have been the same without the expertise of renowned photographer, the Founder of FACES MGMT, and photographer at SaadVISION, Saad Al-Hakkan, who elevated the young, local talents featured in the book, provided the studio space and the models, and helped to organize The Garden of Earthly Delights main editorial.

Special thanks to Sam RB for collaging the amazing content that was generated from our series of five Drink&Draw events.

Special thanks to Lorenza Mezzapelle, Delphine Grégoire-Gendron, Chiara Cristiano, Laurence Panneton, Paige Billings, and Antonia D’Elia for volunteering to assist the team in proofreading the publication.

The photographers & visual artists Alexandre Desjardins, Bertrand Jaennot, Boris Halas, Connory Ballantyne, Eric Lamothe, É정, Feng Jiang, Giovanni Caci, Gregory Zenha, Jessy Colucci, Joshua Boudreau, Koko, Lian Benoit, Liliana Gonzalez-Jarquin, Marie-Ève Desrochers, Maxime Giard, Michaël Ho, Nima Mardaneh, Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes, Raphaël Viens, Rym Guimili, Saad Al-Hakkak, Samuel Arsenault-Brassard, Samy Elkissoun, Vladim Vilain, Xavier Cyr, and Yan Ho.

The stylists Ciggaria, Giovanni Caci, Nima Mardaneh, Raphaël Viens, Rym Guimili, and Tishanna Carnevale.

The writers Alexandra Beaudry, Alexia Georgieva, Christine Mesrobian, Danielle Medland, Declan Watson, Emma Kiddie, Gerard Christopher Roque, Giovanni Caci, Kadisha Hernández Canett, Kate Addison, Koko, Liliana Gonzalez-Jarquin, Maria Camila Ortiz Galeano, Monica Cano, Raphaël Viens, Roxanne Ouellet-Bernier, Sainte Déry, Tishanna Carnevale, William Crosson, and William Zhang.

The hair, makeup, & beauty artists Alex M. Dauphin, Atelier Susu, Carole Methot, Dyamond, Estelle Moubarak, Imani Barbara, Jemée, Jess Cohen, Kei, Raphaël Viens, Rosalee Phan, Sarah Woog, Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare, and Susan Vong.

The models Adam Dhari, Ahmed Mohamed, Aiden Kelley, Alexa Tanedjikov, Alexane Lemaire, Amal Akil, Amer Eman, Andrée-Anne Léonard, Araya Contrera, Ariane Rivard, Aryana, Aïcha Black, Bryan Beausaigle, C’nee Starlette, Camille Dubois, Candy, Charles Labrecque,Christophe Paré, Christopher Marlot, Ciggaria, Clément Henry, Cole Gleason, Daphné Poisson Recasens, David Fontaine-Gingras, Dominique Grenier, Donna-Lee, Dyamond, É정, Faydja Saintilus, Ferial, Gabriel Paul Caron, Gabriella Hébert, Irene Lastovets, Jack Stewart, Jade Phamm, Jerome Angeles, Joshua Boudreau, Juhee Park, Julia Leblanc, Julia Peretiaguina, Kai Karying Huynh, Kaleb, Kobe Poesiat, Koko, Laurie-Anne Adjoualé, Loic Minty, Mackenzie, Markus, Mimi Virus, Mossy Mugler, Natalya, Nora Mejdouli, Nyaluak Gatluak, Omar Antabli, Orianne Chery, PRINCESS GOLLUM, Rachel Desroisiers, Raya, Rym Guimili, Sagal Saïd-Gagné, Sandra Samba, Sebastian Kent, Secondsight, Shu, Sophie Paiement, Soukaina Faouzi, Steve Giasson, Tasha Oest O’leary, Teiki, Theodor Pal, Tommy La, Veronika Yemelyánova, and Zayd Boucaud.

The collaborators Adriana Gonzalez, Alice Boulianne, Alice Vaillant, Angelicata, Anissa Hachemi, Anna-Maria Varriano, Annie Horth, Antoine Dufresne, Arthur Jean, Berirouche Feddal, Camille Jaillet-Forte, Cassandre Brillant, Morggan Jussaume, Chiara Cristiano, Christophe Paré, Céline Chicoine, Daniel Bosco, Daniel Henry, Della Maria, Delphine Grégoire-Gendron, Éden Pelletier, Émile Racine, É정, Emilie Hamel, Eric, Faiyaz Fizz Sardar, Finn Giguère, Gabriel Drolet-Maguire, Giang Pham, Guillaume Kirouac, Hannah Rose Dalton, Harjot Kaur Bhatia, Harryfacemajors, Has San, Irene Lastovets, Jasmine Gamache, Jessy Colucci, Judith Angers, Juliette Angers, Justin Arthur Beauparlant, Koi Katigbak, Koko, Kubilay Öğütçü, Kun Chang, Laurence Thibault, Laïka, Leila, Liam Hebert, Liliana Kovac, Lou Fozin, Lucas Savage, Lucas Stübbe, Luna Nashar, Mahdieh Sharafi, Majorie Labrèque-Lepage, Malika Paq, Maria Fernanda Cruz, Marie-Geneviève Cyr, Marina Karaskevich, Mark Sy, Matthew Kahlili, Mia Delorme, Mickey Boardman, Misssbisous, Morhange, Nellie Soland, Olivier Vouligny, Oriana Confente, Parker Nickerson, Roxanne Ouellet-Bernier, Sainte Déry, Samuel Pronovost, Schella Julien, Selina,Seong Yi Hong, Shelton Billings, Sophie Gilbert-Dechêne, Steven Raj Bhaskaran, Thomas Hawes, Tristan Cole, Tristan Réhel, Ulixesd, Veronika Yemelyánova, Victor Bui Trong Trinh, Wawa Li, William Daviau, and William Zhang.

The featured brands, artisans, & designers Adidas By Lotta Volkova, ALAÏA, Alexander McQueen, Alice Vaillant, Alyx, Amir Fakhimi, Andrée-Anne Léonard, Ann Demuelemeester, Anne O’Neill-Readman, Antoine Dufresne, Atelier Denora by Joshua Boudreau, Balenciaga, Buried Deep, Candy, Charlotte Deneux, Christopher Marlot, Comme Des Garcons, Cyntault Creations, D&G, Daniel Bosco, Della Maria, Delphine GrégoireGendron, Dior By John Galliano, Dries Van Noten, Dyamond, Eytys, Fecal Matter, Gabriel Drolet-Maguire, Gabriel Paul-Caron, Giovanni Caci, Gucci By Tom Ford, Harjot Kaur Bhatia, Harryfacemajors, Jean Colonna, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jerome Angeles, John Galliano, Junya Watanabe, Kadisha Hernandez Canett, Kevin Quang Thái Nguyễn, Kylie Rose Carroll, Kylie Rose Carroll, Left Overs, Liliana Kovač, Mahdieh Sharafi, Marie Laforest, Martine Rose, Mathilde Carpentier, Mathis Moretti, My Sweet Sweven, Olivia Rubens, Olivier Vouligny, Omar Antabli, Pair, Paul Edward, Pretend Play, Process Visual by Jessy Colucci, Racine, Raphaël Viens, Rick Owens, Roxanne Ouellet Bernier, Soie Lait, Stéphane Scotto Di Cesare, Tishanna Carnevale, Tripp Nyc, Tristan Réhel, Ulixesd, Valentino, Vaqar, and William Crosson.

We would like to show our appreciation to the Award Donors, the Founder of FACES MGMT and Photographer at SaadVISION, Saad Al-Hakkan for sponsoring the Visionary Fashion Photographer Award, Founder of PHI and Film Producer, Phoebe Greenberg for sponsoring the Aspiring Fashion Writer Award, LaSalle College for sponsoring the Design Student Award, and the Founder of LIGNES DE FUITE, Milan Tanedjikov for sponsoring the Recent Fashion Graduate Award.

We would like to thank the Nominating Committee composed of the following: Creative Director of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Brandon Wen, Editor at Large at Paper Magazine Mickey Boardman, Founder of Under Pressure Festival and Former Deputy Mayor of Montreal Sterling Downey, Head Buyer at Simons Oceane Stanislas, Founder and Creative Director at LECAVALIER Marie-Ève Lecavalier, Assistant Buyer of Menswear at SSENSE Alexandre Raymond, New Media Artist George Fok, Freelance Stylist Annie Horth, Fashion Journalist Eva Friede, Curator and Writer at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Thierry-Maxime Loriot, Fashion Photographer Alex Black, Contemporary Artist Harryfacemajors, Founder of The Fine Print Magazine and Freelance Journalist Estelle Gervais Hughes, Fashion Teacher at LaSalle College Josée Pepin, Former LIGNES DE FUITE Editor and Production Coordinator at Sid Lee Morgan Kendall, Former LIGNES DE FUITE Art Director and Founder of Protocol Studio Guillaume Proteau-Langlois, Former LIGNES DE FUITE Student Prize award winner Élisabeth Atchadé, Former LIGNES DE FUITE Recent Graduate award winner and assistant designer at 3.PARADIS Kevin Quang Thai Nguyen, Founder of Daniel Henry Studio Daniel Henry, Director of the Fashion Design Institute, Academy of Fine Arts, Lodz Michal Szulc, Fashion Design Professor at Colegiatura Colombiana Santiago Utima, Founder of LOST HEROES Dj Christian Pronovost, Design Teacher at LaSalle College and École supérieure de mode - ESG UQAM Céline Chicoine, Ambassador at LaSalle College Stéphane Le Duc, Production Coordinator at Ciele Athletics Inc./Ciele Athlétique Inc. Ariane Michaud, Co-Founder and Designer at Atelier B Anne-Marie Laflamme, Photographer at SSENSE Kaven Tremblay, Freelance Writer Lorenza Mezzapelle, Associate & Brand development at WIP Catherine Cloutier, Co-Founders at WIP Charles-Étienne Pilon-Milette, Olivier Duchesneau-Bonnard, and Alexis Vaillancourt, Assistant Professor and Fashion Design and Creative Director at Toronto Metropolitan University Danielle Martin, Acting Director at The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute Dylan Kwacz, Creative Director of MRKNTN Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert, and Co-Founder of Groupe Sensation Mode Chantal Durivage.

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