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Let Us Eat Cake !


  • Ended
  • 120 Canadian dollars
  • Poubelle Magnifique


Join us on this thrilling journey where you will unleash your innermost creative urges, channeling them into crafting magnificent cakes. Led by LIGNES DE FUITE Founder Milan Tanedjikov and multidisciplinary artist Charlotte, this course culminates in a public event at Poubelle Magnifique on October 29th. Here, your unique creations will be celebrated and lavishly displayed, inviting you to reconsider your approach to expressing creativity. Course Overview "Let Us Eat Cake" is an engaging short course that invites participants to delve deeper into their inner selves, connecting with more than just creativity, ultimately aiming at resetting routine creative patterns that may lead to desensitization in artistic processes. We're creating a space where participants will have the freedom to explore these inner creative waves in a low-stakes environment, pushing the boundaries of creativity. They will be crafting extravagant, bizarre, excessive, and absurd yet magnificent cakes thus channeling their creative potential into various, sometimes contrasting outlets. Our inspiration is drawn from the captivating intersection of highly decorative and extravagant aestheticism and the ever-growing feeling of unease and discomfort regarding the endless cycles of hate and ignorance that surround us. Similar to how the gore art movement confronts violence and environmental decay, the art of cake-making serves as a profound metaphor for our intricate relationship with the natural world. The cakes we will create symbolize both the ephemeral nature of life and the inherent jubilation within it, mirroring the transience captured in traditional "nature morte" paintings. What sets this course apart is that these meticulously crafted cakes go beyond mere art pieces; instead, they are openly shared with the public, emphasizing the importance of cherishing and preserving our finite world. Additionally, it encourages us to break free from our echo chambers, alleviate anxiety, and fully embrace moments of celebration. Learning Objectives: - Cultivate creativity and critical thinking - Master primary research techniques, such as photography, observation drawing, collaging, photomontaging, and prototyping. - Learn cake decorating. - Present research and final artworks. Image Credits Concept Shelton Billings / Photography George Fok / Art Direction Veronika Yemelyánova / Cake Charlotte Hair Nadia Tremblay / Makeup Amelia / Models Isha & Claire - HumanKind

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