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Fashion Design Mentoring Program


  • 8 hr
  • LDF Studio


The LDF Fashion Design Mentoring Program focuses on creativity, emphasizing designer identity, and professional development. It uses project-based teaching methods, complemented by individualized tutorials, directed group workshops, seminars, critiques, and peer reviews to refine the participants' viewpoint, design skills, commercial acumen, and critical thinking. The one-year program consists of three 15-week modules: 1. Design Module (September to December) 2. Prototyping Module (January to May) 3. Merchandising Module (May to September) Each module culminates in a showcase and jury evaluation by industry leaders. Applicants must have prior proficiency in sewing, pattern-making, and design representation. The program costs $175 per month and provides access to an equipped studio, personal storage, WiFi, and all educational activities. Only 8 participants are admitted each year, based on a portfolio and an interview.

Upcoming Sessions

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