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This 7-week project-based course, led by Milan Tanedjikov, the founder of LIGNES DE DUITE, integrates fiction, discursive design, creative writing, image creation, graphic design, and publishing. With 6 to 8 participants, the online course aims to teach you how to craft compelling narratives that challenge expectations and foster reflection on contemporary societal issues. The course places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, guiding participants through the process of making and printing unique 12-page zine. This zine not only represents an impression of your viewpoint of the END but also catalyzes your future idea development and designs. At the culmination of this 7-week journey, participants will not only possess an understanding of discursive ideation methodologies but will also hold in their hands a professionally crafted zine. By publishing it at the 'LIGNES DE FUITE vol. 4' launch at the END of May, participants will have the opportunity to share their vision with a broader audience, bridging the gap between their imagination and reality. Week-by-Week Breakdown: Week 1-2: Introduction to Discursive Design and Speculative Storytelling - Explore the concepts of avant-garde thinking and speculative storytelling. - Analyze and discuss groundbreaking examples of discursive narratives. - Conceptualize and present your draft narrative and zine visual direction. Week 3-4: Crafting Your Fictional Universe - Dive into the art of world-building for speculative narratives. - Learn techniques to develop characters, settings, and plotlines, and understand how to create an uncanny mood through dissonance. - Combine traditional methods such as illustration and photography with AI tools to generate visuals for your story. Week 5-6: Zine Creation and Layout with InDesign - Receive hands-on training in Adobe InDesign for multi-page layout design. - Understand the principles of graphic design, including typography, graphic interface, layout strategies, rhythm, and balancing design elements through well-defined visual hierarchies. - Edit and polish your texts and visuals. Week 7: Publishing and Launch - Learn the process of publishing your zine, both digitally and in print. - Discuss strategies for marketing and selling your zine. - Experience the thrill of launching your zine at the "LIGNES DE FUITE vol. 4" event at the END of May.

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