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Serving Food for Thought at Poubelle Magnifique

Big thanks to all who came to hang out with us at the 'Eat Cake' event at Poubelle Magnifique on October 29th. It was all about exploring the complexities of today while connecting with you and having fun.

Hats off to Léonie, Ashley, Jennifer, Kadisha, Emily, and Carla for jumping in wholeheartedly. Guided by Milan Tanedjikov and Charlotte, they didn't just bake cakes – they whipped up representations of our world that not only looked good but tasted amazing while provoking thoughts and sparking all sorts of conversations. You can catch their thoughts in our upcoming LIGNES DE FUITE Vol. 4 print, alongside some of their research-creation process and more pics by Connory Ballentyne.

A special nod to Tallulah and Dutch, the hosts at Poubelle Magnifique. We're stoked about teaming up again, especially for our AIFears workshop, starting November 18th and ending in an exhibit on December 2nd at Poubelle Magnifique. Enrool here if you are interested to feature your ideas.

Again, Massive thanks to all who got involved and turned up. We'd love to hang out with you at our next event, Drink & Draw, set for November 22nd.



Images Connory Ballentyne Text Milan Tanedjikov




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