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Nap Time


Perfect for when you need to take a quick nap on the go.

A small shoulder bag designed to reference a vintage pillow. Made of white cotton with a light blue polyester lining and zipper closure with snap button on the flap. There is piping and a ruffle around the outside edge. The body and handle are filled with quilt batting for a pillowy effect. Big enough for all your essential items and your sweetest dreams.

  • This item was created within the framework of the Planning and Production course, under the guidance of Milan Tanedjikov at LaSalle College. The aim was to understand the concept of achieving economies of scale through mass production and to provide students with practical experience in creating with sales and scale in mind. Their task? Develop a promotional product that seamlessly aligns with their graduation group collection project. The group's collection is set to premiere at the annual SIGNATURE graduation show in May 2024. When you purchase this product, you're directly contributing to the support of @remifares_, @lady.fangtasia, @prang.mantis, @faramazyankarina, @cathrynannh in covering expenses for their project.

    Now, let's delve into their collection project—it encapsulates the emotions of young adulthood when trying to adapt to grown-up jobs and life. Your support carries significant value, especially during these challenging times.