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  • Cervical Collar
  • Cervical Collar
  • Cervical Collar

Cervical Collar

This item is made-to-order, expect additional processing time. Dispatch Time: 2 -3 weeks.  FOR CUSTOM SIZE AND COLORWAY: SEND MEASUREMENTS TO EMILE@RACINE.DESIGN

Modular black and white leather belt/bandolier with eight 3D-printed bases. It can also be worn as a neck collar when separated in half, and possibility to screw modules on the bases. 


  • Color: Black, White, Metal
  • Material: Leather, PLA, steel
  • Details: Adjustable straps, modular screwed-on tripod units that can be removed or interchanged with other Racine modules, one makes a collar, and two combined together to make a belt or longer straps.


  • Wipe with a damp cloth, you can wash with a sponge and soap

  • Émile Racine is a Montreal-based industrial designer specializing in prototyping. His interest in fashion led him to footwear design around 2017, where he developed his own manufacturing process aided by technologies like 3D printing. His craft is a way to physicalize his ever-evolving interests in spirituality, sport, and music. He wishes to inspire humans to explore the potential of their consciousness and reach spiritual awakening through art.