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Strawberry Switchblade

Fashion editorial by Raphaël Viens of Charlotte Deneux graduate collection developed in 2021-2022 under the guidance and mentorship of Milan Tanedjikov and Celine Chicoine at École Supérieure de Mode de l’ESG UQAM.

About Charlotte Deneux

Born in France and raised in Canada, Charlotte Deneux draws inspiration from the intricacy of vintage undergarments and roots herself in a hyperfeminine aesthetic. Through using delicate fabrics and small ornamental embellishments devoid of meaning, her design process interplays decorative femininity and the complex sexuality of womanhood. Through her work, she challenges the denigration of the “girly girl” and the patronizing attitude commonly associated with femininity. In the past months, Charlotte has been focusing her craft on the making of porcelain objects, utilized as fashion accessories. As of this fall, she will be attending École Duperré in Paris, entering the MA program, where she intends on pushing her research foci and aesthetics even further.

About Raphaël Viens

“Call me a master of none.” Using photography as a means of expression, but mostly as a form of documentation, Raphaël flirts with the idea of immortalizing parts of a creative process relating to design, whether it be his own, or someone else’s. Fascinated by the multifarious approaches to archiving work, he experiments with a variety of tools and techniques to achieve unpredictable results and to learn to let go of control through these precarious experiments. For him, photography functions as a tool, more precisely within the research phase while designing objects, but as a vessel for communicating ideas as well. Credits:


Designer Charlotte Deneux Photographer Raphaël Viens Models JuHee Park & Irene Lastovets Hair & Makeup Artist Sarah Woog Special thanks Daniel Bosco for their assistance


Originally published in LIGNES DE FUITE vol.3

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