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Advanced Print Making Course

This 14-week project-based course is tailored for intermediate and advanced fashion design students

  • Starts Sept 10
  • 1,050 Canadian dollars

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Course Overview: This 14-week project-based course is tailored for intermediate and advanced fashion design students eager to master advanced print-making and dyeing techniques. Combining various printing methods and creative approaches, it offers a comprehensive learning experience that bridges traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Instructors: Danny Gaulthier: Renowned for his expertise in print-making, Danny, director at Atelier Textile brings a wealth of knowledge in various printing and dyeing techniques. Milan Tanedjikov: Founder of LIGNES DE FUITE, Milan inspires students to merge traditional methods with innovative approaches for unique, experimental designs. Course Structure: Weeks 1-7: Introduction to Printing and Dyeing Techniques - Introduction to a variety of advanced printing techniques and creative dyeing methods by renowned experts. - Exploration and experimentation with various innovative approaches to print-making at Atelier Textile. - Creation of samples to understand pattern manipulation using both traditional and modern tools. Weeks 8-14: Personal Project Development - Building on the first half’s knowledge, students create a personal project. - Remixing and hybridizing techniques to create a unique repeat pattern. - Extensive research, design development, and practical application, culminating in a finished pattern. - Final patterns and research showcased at the LIGNES DE FUITE design research exhibit event. Limited Enrollment: To ensure personalized attention and high-quality learning, the course is limited to 6 students. Certification: Participants receive a certificate of completion, provided they attend a minimum of 80% of the classes. Exhibition Opportunity: Projects will be featured in the LIGNES DE FUITE Design Research exhibit in December, offering recognition and networking opportunities. Amazing Value: Enroll in Print Making for Intermediate and Advanced to elevate your skills and create a standout project that blends traditional and modern techniques under the expert guidance of Danny Gaulthier and Milan Tanedjikov. This course offers an incredible opportunity to receive top-tier instruction and mentorship and it's only available to LDF Aspiring Creatives Membership. Don't miss out on this chance to advance your skills and showcase your work in a professional exhibit.

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