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Flower Power


Fully lined, adjustable strap,  flower inpired bag with magnets as closing system. Each bag is unique, made with dead stock materials.  

  • This item was created within the framework of the Planning and Production course, under the guidance of Milan Tanedjikov at LaSalle College. The aim was to understand the concept of achieving economies of scale through mass production and to provide students with practical experience in creating with sales and scale in mind. Their task? Develop a promotional product that seamlessly aligns with their graduation group collection project. The group's collection is set to premiere at the annual SIGNATURE graduation show in May 2024. When you purchase this product, you're directly contributing to the support of @julianaperezforero @hiyunghaf @yoyoli4499 in covering expenses for their project.

    Now, let's explore their collection project—Childhood dreams are invaluable, serving as reminders of our initial aspirations. As we age, it's common for people to lose sight of these dreams, but it's crucial to reflect on them and compare them to our current lives, ensuring that we are living authentically. Recalling our childhood dreams can serve as a potent source of inspiration and motivation to pursue our passions. By reconnecting with our true selves and original aspirations, we can rediscover a sense of purpose and direction that may have been misplaced along the journey. Take a moment to ponder your childhood dreams and see if they still hold a special place in your heart. You might be surprised at what you uncover. Your support carries significant value, especially in these challenging times.