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We are delighted to announce our upcoming post-Easter Design Review, entitled Unfolding, which will take place on April 16th and feature 24 innovative and boundary-pushing projects by students from LIGNES DE FUITE mentoring program, LaSalle College, and École Superieure de mode, all mentored by Milan Tanedjiov.

We are thrilled to provide a platform for these young designers to showcase their work and engage in meaningful dialogue about their creative process. Here are four of the exhibited projects we have chosen to highlight so you may be inspired to support us.

ANATHEMA by Giovanni Caci

Caci's collection draws inspiration from bodybuilding and martial arts, which he used to overcome depression due to low self-esteem, lack of direction, and ostracization. The silhouettes in his collection are inspired by the bodybuilder's physique and are designed to make the vulnerable wearer appear large and menacing. Through the use of black, self-defense tropes, and sound, Caci's collection is a powerful expression of self-realization from rock bottom.

JOUETS by Roy Luo

Roy Luo's project, JOUETS, challenges traditional gendered toys by queering their representation. Luo explores the cyclical nature of queerness as appropriation and how toys and fashion are contextualized iterations of what has existed historically. His work serves as a reminder that disturbing order requires finding inspiration within that order to disrupt.

CHARIVARI by Marie Laforest

Marie Laforest's collection explores the prevalence of shame in our society and how it impacts our identity. Laforest, who suffers from an autoimmune chronic disease, was inspired by medieval shaming practices and the Pueblo clown's ritual of shaming for forgiveness. Her collection uses draped backs, heavy figures, and forward-facing shoulders to represent shaming, with empowerment as the ultimate goal.

MOYOCOYOTZIN by Joe Koubayati

Joe Koubayati's project, Moyocoyotzin, is a tribute to Bergen, also known as the 'woman of pain.' Koubayati's research on Deleuzian philosophy inspired him to use fabric manipulation as a means of sculpting and pleating his own destiny. The skin-like fabric and skin-tone colors represent his intention of overcoming adversity and pursuing success against all odds.

We can't wait for you to see these projects and the rest of the incredible work that will be showcased at Unfolding. Join us for a thought-provoking and inspiring experience!


RSVP for our upcoming UNFOLDING event in collaboration on April 16th at WIP.

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