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Are You Not Entertained? Get Ready for a Mind-Blowing Ride with a Five Set - Drink & Draw

Listen up, clear your schedules, and prepare for an evening you won't forget. On Wednesday, June 14th, join us as we celebrate the Anniversary Week of WIP with an extraordinary edition of LIGNES DE FUITE Drink & Draw.

This time around, we've lined up not one but five amazing sets curated by a talented group of emerging fashion designers—Alexandre Simard, Julia Beauparlant, Romane Poulin, Pascale Leonelli, and Maxence Richard ( Mysweetsweven ). And that's not all! The visionary contributions of contemporary artists Olivier Bonnard and Alexis Vaillancourt will add an extra layer, transporting you to something else.

Designer Highlights:

👉 Alexandre Simard:

Step into a realm where technology meets metaphysical experiences with Alexandre's groundbreaking work. He uses digital motion capture devices to transform his reality into wearable art. Cloth and skin become canvases for participants to find meaning and assert control, while live projections infuse their movements with depth and enchantment.

Alexandre Simard LIGNES DE FUITE , Drink & Draw set design moodboard

👉 Julia Beauparlant:

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Julia's resplendent EGOSTELLAR collection. Inspired by the vastness of the universe, this visionary series takes you beyond existential concerns and propels you into a world of boundless imagination. Witness ethereal muses emanating a kaleidoscope of vibrant light, adorned in double-faced recycled leathers that pay homage to the pioneering spirit of Paco Rabane.

Julia Beauparlant  LIGNES DE FUITE , Drink & Draw set design moodboard

👉 Romane Poulin:

Romane's collection draws inspiration from Y2K survivalist doomsayers, infused with an endearing Quebecois quirkiness. Embracing the spirit of memes, her designs exude a playful and unconventional aesthetic. Get ready for an unexpected journey through the whimsical tapestry of Romane's creations, where unexpected elements converge to form extraordinary fashion moments.

Romane Poulin LIGNES DE FUITE , Drink & Draw set design moodboard

👉 Pascale Lionelli:

SELFISH GARDEN encapsulates the essence of a clandestine sanctuary, a place reclaimed by the untamed allure of nature. In this secluded embrace, serenity and profound intimacy intermingle. Pascale's collection showcases rigid yet voluminous pieces meticulously quilted into undulating shapes, balancing vulnerability and strength.

MaxPascale Leonelli LIGNES DE FUITE , Drink & Draw set design moodboard

👉 Maxence Richard (Mysweetsweven):

Prepare to be entranced by the sustainable knitwear creations of Maxence Richard. With an unwavering focus on positivity, nature, and meticulous craftsmanship, Mexence's label effortlessly intertwines beauty and eco-consciousness. Witness firsthand the artistry and sustainable vision reflected in the remarkable knitwear designs of Mysweetsweven, and let it inspire your own creative journey.

Maxence Richard ( mysweetsweven ) LIGNES DE FUITE , Drink & Draw set design moodboard

Why Should You Attend?

LIGNES DE FUITE Drink & Draw isn't just another event—it's an invitation to immerse yourself in our community and actively contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of Montreal's fashion scene. By interpreting the sets through your unique perspective and chosen medium, you become an integral part of the conversation. Capture breathtaking moments through the lens of your camera, sketch illustrations that spring from your imagination, or let your words weave vivid descriptions that encapsulate the essence of these immersive installations. Your creations will be celebrated and showcased, with a select few being reimagined by the talented mixed-media artist, Morhange, for an exquisite 24-page editorial layout in the upcoming LIGNES DE FUITE VOL.4.

It's worth noting that all profits from the event will contribute to supporting the mission of LIGNES DE FUITE. By attending, you actively empower emerging creatives in the fashion industry. Through comprehensive support, including financial relief, industry exposure, networking opportunities, skills development, and emotional well-being resources, LIGNES DE FUITE aims to build a sturdy foundation for fashion creatives to flourish and shape the ongoing evolution of the fashion world.


After the happening, we encourage all participants to share their artwork through our forum, So mark your calendars for June 14th and prepare to have some fun at this special edition Drink & Draw event.



Moodboards Alexandre Simard, Julia Beauparlant, Romane Poulin, Pascale Leonelli, and Maxence Richard ( Mysweetsweven ) Text Milan Tanedjikov


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