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LIGNES DE FUITE's Epic Drink & Draw at WIP's 5th Anniversary Celebration

Gather 'round for an event recap brought to you by Milan Tanedjikov, featuring the sacred hand's photography of the one and only Connory Ballantyne.

Hey there, it's time to give you a rundown of our absolutely awesome Drink & Draw event that took place last Wednesday, June 14th. As you might already know, for this special edition, we decided to switch things up and move the party from Nouvel Etablissement to WIP, all thanks to the brilliant minds of WIP's crew - Oli, Charles, and Alexis. Their reason? Well, it was WIP's 5th anniversary, and we couldn't resist celebrating their incredible project that started out as a one-off exhibit and now serves as a connecting ground for so many artists and communities.

Originally, we had planned for Romane Poulin, a fresh graduate from École superieure de mode, to curate a single-life-drawing set. But hey, WIP is huge, and we knew one set just wouldn't cut it. So, we called up Alexandre Simard, Julia Beauparlant, and Pascale Leonelli - fellow graduates of Romane's - to create some extra sets. We figured, why not match the five sets to WIP's 5th anniversary? And to make things even more awesome, we added Max, the genius behind Mysweetsweven's knitwear brand!

To ensure a cohesive vibe, we teamed up with Alexis and Oli in their atelier to handpick some original set props they had designed. They even brought in their brilliantly conceived organic furniture that we once used during the LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.3 launch. Oh, and they absolutely nailed the lighting too, creating that perfect cabaret feel - not too dark, not too bright - just right to keep the Drink & Draw vibes alive. The event wasn't just about the sets. We enlisted Ethan, DJ GOBLINCANDANCE to curate an eclectic soundscape, and boy, did it tie everything together.

Of course, organizing the event wasn't without its challenges. The Main was closed for Mural, making logistics a bit trickier than usual. But hey, we rolled with the punches and made it work. The designers were absolutely on point, and all their amazing models arrived on time and showed incredible patience, considering we had only one beauty artist on the job. Nevertheless, our good friend Shelton, absolutely aced it, creating marvelous hair and make-up for the models.

Connory's photography is solid proof of just how cool everything was. Seriously, that guy has some kind of magical power to make everyone look unbelievably awesome. We're incredibly grateful to him for sharing those stunning pics that perfectly capture the many faces of LIGNES DE FUITE.

We've hosted a bunch of events since day one, but let me tell you, there's something downright magical about these participatory gatherings like the Drink & Draw. The sheer joy and creative contributions of everyone involved are simply fantastic. We seriously hope this never ends, and guess what? We're absolutely stoked to gather your awesome artworks and feature a selection in our upcoming Volume 4 publication. If you were part of the Drink & Draw and want to showcase your masterpiece, just swing by our forum and drop it there using this link: We can't wait to see what you've got!

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us at the event. Your presence made it even more remarkable, and we appreciate your unwavering support. Remember, mark your calendars for our next Drink & Draw on July 12th. Joshua Boudreau has been working his artistic magic, creating awe-inspiring pieces in collaboration with MimiVirus on an out-of-this-world scenography. From what we've heard, their presentation is going to literally blow your socks off.

Thank you once again, and let's keep pushing those boundaries together!



Images Connory Ballentyne Text Milan Tanedjikov



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