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How to interview Fashion Creatives and Highlight Their Research and Ideas

An opportunity for aspiring fashion writers to improve their writing skills and get published online and in print!

In this project-based LIGNES DE FUITE short course, you will gain a taste for fashion journalism and learn how to interview creatives and highlight their research and ideas. To achieve this learning objective, you will be tasked with interviewing one of the 12 participants in the LIGNES DE FUITE postgraduate fashion design mentoring program. This will result in a 1500-2000 word narrative text highlighting the interviewee's accomplishments, what makes them stand out, their design acumen, their process, and their rare skills/techniques/crafts that distinguish their most recent collection project.

As an example, here is an interview by Roxanne Ouellete Bernier published in LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.2 describing Raphael Viens’ design process and collection theme.

You will be guided through the entire journey which will begin with a detailed project brief, an overview of the fashion design process by LIGNES DE FUITE founder Milan Tanedjikov as well as an introduction to interviewing techniques by LIGNES DE FUITE former editor Roxanne Ouellet Bernier. At the second meeting, the participants will be given a lecture on how to present design research by LIGNES DE FUITE former Art Director, Raphael Viens as well as tips on scripting and hosting a life discussion by Patricia Chaykin. Then on February 19th, a public event will be held at WIP to conduct and record the interviews. The transcripts will be used to develop a first draft, which will be then reviewed by LIGNES DE FUITE VOL. 4 editorial team. The last step of the course involves refining your text for proofreading through a series of individual critiques.

The final edition of the interviews will appear in LIGNES DE FUITE VOL. 4 alongside research-creation visuals. Here is a link to a large variety of design process interview examples published on our website. Before publication, the texts will be reviewed by a selection of industry leaders across multiple disciplines who will determine the most salient design process interview. The nominating committee will be composed of high-profile professionals such as the Creative Director of the Fashion Department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Brandon Wen, Editor at Large at Paper Magazine Mickey Boardman, Founder and Creative Director at LECAVALIER Marie-Ève Lecavalier, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Thierry-Maxime Loriot and it will have the responsibility of awarding a bursary of 1500 dollars to the winning article, which will be split between the aspiring writer, young designer, and the editor.

The application deadline is January 29th at 11:59 pm, so if you're interested in starting your career in fashion journalism, be sure to apply by then. For more information regarding the course duration, number and ideal participants, cost, selection criteria, and application process please go through the details below.

Duration: 7 weeks, 2 online sessions, 3 hours each, a public event as well as plenty of one on one constructive feedback sessions with LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4 editors.

Ideal participant: Fluent in English and with an interest in fashion theory and literature.

Course level: Beginner

LIGNES DE DUITE Vol4 editorial team: Danielle Medland, Lorenza Mezzapelle, Nadia Trudel, Koko, Arthur Jean, and Marik Thexton

Participants in the LIGNES DE FUITE postgraduate fashion design mentoring program: Dana, Maria, Roy, Marie, Jo, Gio, Samuel, Max, Santiago, Thomas, Romain, and Kadisha.

The number of aspiring writer participants: To ensure quality interactions there will be only 12 participants.

Participant selection process: Candidates must first provide a sample of their work that demonstrates

their writing skills. The sample submission deadline will be on January 29th at 11:59 pm.

Application: To apply and submit your candidacy, please fill in the following form:

Meet the tutor: The short course is created and led by LIGNES DE FUITE founder Milan Tanedjikov who holds a graduate degree in Design and Computation Arts from Concordia University and an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design from École supérieure de mode, ESG, UQAM. He is currently teaching fashion design at the International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design, LCI Montreal, and at École Supérieure de Mode, ESG, UQAM. He is also a member of the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards Nominating committee and he regularly contributes to local and international fashion events.

Guest tutors:

Raphael Viens is a lecturer and project coordinator at Lasalle College, Former Art Director at LIGNES DE FUITE, and MA design student at Concordia University

Roxanne Ouellete Bernier is a research and teacher assistant at École Supérieure de mode and former editor at LIGNES DE FUITE

Patrica Chaykin : Former Event Manager and Host at LIGNES DE FUITE.

Cost: 180$ including a copy of LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4

Short Course Certification: Upon completion, each participant will receive a LIGNES DE FUITE certificate.


Phase 1: Introduction to the design process and how to approach an interview Date: Wednesday, February 1st Time: 6 PM - 9 PM

Phase 2: Introduction to visual layouts and conducting of interviews Date: Wednesday, February 8th Time: 6 PM - 9 PM

Phase 3: Life Public Interview at WIP Date: Sunday, Feb 19th Time: TBA

Phase 4: Refinement, polishing, and submission of the final interview text Date: Between February 22th - and March 10th

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