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Fashion Editor Apprentice

Get involved in supervising the overall process of creating, planning, developing, managing, and presenting LIGNES DE FUITE. Vol.4.

This unique educational opportunity provides a broad overview of the fashion editor and in-house stylist role in the industry. Through a variety of experimental styling assignments, as a Fashion Editor Apprentice at LIGNES DE FUITE, you will be involved in a wide range of tasks and responsibilities such as supervising other editors and writers, preparing and styling fashion shoots, selecting photos and items for publication, researching editorial ideas, and networking with industry professionals, including designers, photographers, and public relations professionals.

In undertaking this massive creative project in collaboration with LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4 editorial team led by Milan Tanedjikov, you will learn the fundamental techniques of sourcing garments, accessories, and props. You will be able to coordinate all aspects of photoshoots and fashion show production.

The apprenticeship begins in January 2023 and gradually intensifies as you transition from planning to content generation. It ends with the layout, publishing, and launching of LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4.

Gaining this first-hand experience in supervising the process of creating, developing, and presenting a print publication is an extremely valuable stepping stone for anyone serious about becoming a professional stylist and eventually a fashion editor. However, before embarking on this journey you must be aware that it is an intensive and time-consuming endeavor. At every step of the LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4 print publication creative process, you will receive practical and personal guidance and feedback. At the same time, you will be expected to lead your various initiatives and take responsibility for meeting tight deadlines.

This apprenticeship opportunity is limited to only 1 hard-working, ambitious, and very motivated individual who already exhibits a high level of image creation skills that distinguish them from their peers. Let us know, before the end of the year, why you're interested by an Instagram DM or by email ( ). After this initial contact, an in-person or online interview will be scheduled to ensure you are a good fit for this apprenticeship and to learn more about us.

Image: Saad

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