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Editorial Apprentices

An editorial apprenticeship with LIGNES DE FUITE is the ideal path for young creatives interested in careers in fashion media, a diverse and ever-expanding field.

LIGNES DE FUITE editors' apprenticeship program aims to provide a space for learning through practice in a fun, fashion-focused, and creative environment. Led by LIGNES DE FUITE founder Milan Tanedjikov, this trade-based program offers numerous opportunities to build your writer's portfolio through publishing different types of texts while helping you to acquire the necessary skills to become an innovative, responsible, and informed editor.

Your development process is divided into 3 project-based modules that allow for experimentation and self-refining through exercises, assignments, readings, workshopping and plenty of constructive feedback. During the final module, you will gain first-hand experience editing and proofreading LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4's annual print publication, while finding your voice and taking the first steps toward creating compelling fiction.

This apprenticeship opportunity is limited to only 3 hard-working, ambitious, and very motivated individuals who already exhibit a high level of writing skills that distinguish them from their peers. Let us know, before the end of the year, why you're interested by an Instagram DM or by email ( ). After this initial contact, an in-person or online interview will be scheduled to ensure you are a good fit for the program and to learn more about us.


Module 1 - PROCESS INTERVIEWS - February to April

You will be tasked to edit a series of interviews realized in the context of a LIGNES DE FUITE short course titled “How to interview Fashion Creatives and Frame Their Research and Ideas”. The goal of the course is to pair novice fashion writers who want to learn the basics of journalism with fashion students from around the world. A total of 12 Process Interviews will be conducted in which the fashion students discuss the design process that has led to their most recent project. Your assignment will be to support the writers in their interview development process and edit 4 interviews.


In this stage, the apprentices will be provided with an opportunity to realize a Rising Feature that aims to highlight the current success and status of an up-and-coming emerging designer. In addition, to continue our goal of actualizing your potential you will initiate a conversation and create a Words of Advice article featuring an industry leader.


In the last stage of your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to develop a Creative Writing Project. The focus in this module will be firmly on fiction (short stories and longer prose) as well as narrative non-fiction (memoirs and essays). In addition, you will assist in the editing and proofreading of LIGNES DE FUITE Vol.4.

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