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Cruising Utopia

Fashion editorial by Eric Lamothe of Olivier Vouligny graduate collection developed in 2021-2022 at developed in 2021/2022 under the guidance and mentorship of Milan Tanedjikov and Celine Chicoine at École Supérieure de Mode de l’ESG UQAM.

Growing up, Olivier rejected part of himself and found refuge in daydreaming. Through analyzing his community’s symbols and history, he eventually learned to accept queerness. Olivier now turns to utopian criticism as a way of envisioning a queer future. His designs play with gay desirability: capturing the attention of certain body parts through accessories such as big bulge jockstraps. Olivier also makes queer historical references with cuts inspired by the 18th-century Macaroni.

Based in Montreal, Eric has been producing fashion editorial images for over 5 years. His signature techniques are intense lighting and wide-angle composition. He aspires to continue refining his craft and exploring avant-garde fashion photography in London and Paris.

Designer Olivier Vouligny // Photographer Eric Lamothe // Artistic director Olivier Vouligny // 3D Visual Artist Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes // Styling Raphaël Viens // Styling Assistant Delphine Grégoire-Gendron // Models Christopher Marlot, Rym, & Bryan Beauseigle // Makeup Artist Alex M. Dauphin // Hair Kei // Nails Rosalee // Photography Retoucher Marina Karaskevich // Assistant Photographer Thomas Hawes


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Originally published in LIGNES DE FUITE vol.3


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